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I still remember the day that I drove off of that used car lot with my first car. In my excitement to show off my new ride to my friends, I smashed my car into a telephone pole. Although I can laugh about the accident now, it was devastating at the time. In addition to completely destroying my reputation, I also had to deal with the expenses that were involved with the wreck. Unfortunately, I hadn't purchased car insurance, so I had to foot the repair bills on my own. After getting my car fixed and thinking about my actions, it was very clear to me that I needed to invest in a car insurance policy. I decided to learn as much as I could about insurance, and that is one of the reasons that I decided to become an insurance agent.

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Three Common Questions About Auto Insurance

Driving a car can be one of the riskiest tasks that you will do on a regular basis. To help protect you against the financial risks of being involved in an accident, it is essential to have an active insurance policy. However, there are many drivers with a limited understanding concerning the types of protection that their insurance can offer. If this is a topic that you have not given much detailed thought, you may benefit from having a few common auto insurance questions answered.

Why Should You Buy More Than The Legally Required Amount Of Insurance?

In order for you to be able to legally operate your car on public roads, it is essential for you to have an active insurance policy on your vehicle. The exact amount of coverage required can vary from one state to another, and while it may be tempting to simply buy a policy with the minimum coverage, this can prove to be a costly mistake. If the damages you cause in an auto accident exceed your policy limits, you will be personally liable for these additional expenses.

What If The Other Party Refuses To Settle?

Following an accident, your insurance company will negotiate with the other driver in an attempt to settle the matter without going to court. Unfortunately, there is a chance that the other driver may refuse to settle with the insurance company. When this is the case, you will likely be required to go through a lawsuit. Fortunately, the insurance company will provide an attorney for you during these proceedings, and you will be covered up to your policy limits for any damages that are awarded.

Are There Any Actions You Can Take To Reduce Your Auto Insurance Premium?

It is a reality that your auto insurance premiums can be a somewhat expensive monthly bill for you to pay. However, there are some fairly simple ways for you to reduce the amount that you are having to spend each month for your auto insurance coverage.  One of the more common discounts that auto insurance companies often offer is for taking a defensive driving course. These courses familiarize students with safe driving practices, which can dramatically reduce the risk of experiencing an auto accident. Also, your credit score may also be a factor in determining your auto insurance, as this can be used to judge your decision making. By improving your credit score, you may find that your auto insurance premiums are reduced.

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