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I still remember the day that I drove off of that used car lot with my first car. In my excitement to show off my new ride to my friends, I smashed my car into a telephone pole. Although I can laugh about the accident now, it was devastating at the time. In addition to completely destroying my reputation, I also had to deal with the expenses that were involved with the wreck. Unfortunately, I hadn't purchased car insurance, so I had to foot the repair bills on my own. After getting my car fixed and thinking about my actions, it was very clear to me that I needed to invest in a car insurance policy. I decided to learn as much as I could about insurance, and that is one of the reasons that I decided to become an insurance agent.

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3 Things To Know About Car Insurance For First Time Buyers

If you are in the market to get auto insurance for the first time, there is some information you will want to educate yourself about. Whether your parents have been paying for your coverage and you are now on your own, or you are just now getting a driver's license and need to pay for your own insurance, read further to find out some vital information about getting good coverage.

1) Comparison shop to make sure you get the best deal on good coverage. You can get coverage through an insurance agent or broker, or you can go directly to an insurance company, preferably via their web site. In most cases, you will save money by going directly to the source, and cutting out the agent. But do get quotes from as many different companies as you can, so you can decide on the one that best suits your needs. 

There are also ways to save money on auto insurance that you may not be familiar with. For instance, if you pay your premium all at once, you may save on fees some companies charge to break up the premium into monthly payments. Consider using your tax refund to pay for the entire premium. If you consider yourself a skilled driver, you might want to raise the deductible on collision, so as to lower the cost of your payments.

2) Know the requirements for your state. Some states only require that you have liability, meaning that the insurance will cover the cost of any damage that you incur to another vehicle or property. Other states may require that you have full coverage, meaning that your car will be covered for repair and for any other damages.

3) Know what you can do to get the best rates. Some insurance companies will give you a lower rate if you maintain a clean driving record for a specific amount of time (usually one to three years). If you take a safe driving course, you may be eligible for lower rates. If you are a student, you may qualify for a student rate, especially if you get good grades. Also, some insurance companies offer military rates, if you are thinking of joining the military. 

As with most services offered, be sure to check for any hidden fees. If you notice your rates go up after you renew your insurance policy, find out why. If you are dropped from your company, you should look into the reasons the company gives for dropping you. You may be able to take legal action against the insurance company, according to your state's laws. This applies particularly if you are dropped without written notice or reasonable cause.

Whatever company you decide to go with, make sure you have done your research and know all the details of your policy. Visit for more information about auto insurance.