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I still remember the day that I drove off of that used car lot with my first car. In my excitement to show off my new ride to my friends, I smashed my car into a telephone pole. Although I can laugh about the accident now, it was devastating at the time. In addition to completely destroying my reputation, I also had to deal with the expenses that were involved with the wreck. Unfortunately, I hadn't purchased car insurance, so I had to foot the repair bills on my own. After getting my car fixed and thinking about my actions, it was very clear to me that I needed to invest in a car insurance policy. I decided to learn as much as I could about insurance, and that is one of the reasons that I decided to become an insurance agent.

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4 Key Benefits Of Choosing Comprehensive Insurance Over Other Products In The Market

Most people looking for vehicle insurance choose the bare minimum liability coverage. While it might cost little to get simple liability insurance, you might not get the protection you could enjoy with other products. In addition, if an accident happens, and you are underinsured, you will have to use your resources to make up for the difference between what you have and what the insurer pays. Hence, you should consider a product like comprehensive insurance coverage for additional benefits. Read More 

Commercial Property Insurance: What It Covers and Why You Need It

All forms of insurance are important, but commercial property insurance is especially critical for business owners. This type of insurance protects your company's physical assets in the event of a covered loss. No matter what type of business you own, this insurance should be an essential part of your risk management plan. Take a look at what commercial property insurance covers to help you understand why you need it. Damage from Fire, Smoke, Or Lightning Read More 

Rental Reimbursement Coverage: How Does It Work and When Should You Consider Carrying It?

Rental reimbursement coverage helps you retain your ability to commute when your car is in the shop being repaired after an accident. This form of coverage is optional, but it's usually a good idea to add it to your insurance policy since it helps you continue going to work or school while your car is out of commission. To learn more about how rental reimbursement coverage works and when you should consider adding it to your auto insurance policy, read on. Read More 

What You Need To Know About Medigap Coverage And Preexisting Conditions

Medigap policies are offered and administered through private insurance agencies, the issuing provider has the right to force imposed waiting periods on treatment for preexisting conditions. The federal government has set the maximum amount of time for these waiting periods at 6 months. Be sure that you plan ahead for your medical expenses during the Medigap waiting period so that you aren't left without the ability to receive the medications and treatment you need. Read More 

Tips To Lower Insurance Rates For Your Older Home

Aging homes tend to experience more problems and trigger more insurance claims than newer homes. The problems mean insurance for older homes costs more than insurance for newer homes. Use the following tips to enjoy affordable insurance for your aging home. Choose the Right Policy Several home insurance policies are available for your older home, depending on the insurance companies you wish to deal with. The available options include: An HO8 policy that covers named perils and usually excludes things like water damage An HO3 policy is an open peril policy and offers broader coverage than an HO8 policy A guaranteed replacement cost coverage that extends your coverage beyond the policy limit and promises to replace your home irrespective of the cost in case of damage The policies' respective rates vary; for example, guaranteed replacement cost coverage typically costs more than the actual cash value policy. Read More